The power of imagination

The boy played all day inside a very colourful tent. And all day he thought about different worlds, different adventures and different people. They were his friends who sometimes were dogs, cats, birdies, flowers, trees… Every one of them was part of a story created in that moment and that moment only. The following moment it was another story.  Some were just friends, other enemies in an imaginary fight with swords made up of leaves from the ground, some totally strangers just walking by… And the boy would spent hours inside that very coloutful tent living those very meaningful different lives… up until snack hour!


4 thoughts on “The power of imagination

  1. When I am in “think up cartoon mode” and use my imagination things come to mind if I focus on some animate or inanimate thing. But often it seems ideas are fed to me by some outside force and I find myself laughing at the cartoon myself after drawing it because it is not my idea. But it is I suppose. Creativity and imagination often trump IQ in my opinion. Thanks visit my blog.

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